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Anoka County Parks

Protect lakes and streams with an Aquatic Invasive Species grant

Anoka County Parks and Community Services wants to partner with lakeshore owners, lake associations and communities to protect our lakes, streams and rivers from aquatic invasive species. The Anoka County Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Grant application window will soon be closing on June 30, 2017. It is a first come, first serve grant and once […]

Plans for a better future for the Rum River

A pair of water quality studies are good news, bad news for the Rum River watershed that starts at Lake Mille Lacs and flows through Anoka County where it meets the Mississippi River in the City of Anoka. While most of river is in good shape, some waters are in trouble. Six streams have high bacteria […]

Bee Pollenator

Contest to protect pollinators is good for water too

Announcing the Andover pollinator friendly garden/landscape contest (enter by July 10th). See if your Andover property is the garden/landscape that pollinators love most! Then, take a tour around the city and see the various types of landscapes that are “pollinator-friendly” and an example of ways to bee in harmony with nature. Andover has established, by  proclamation, recognizing the need and […]

Do you know where your drinking water comes from?

Drinking water test reports available

Annual Water Report. Each year, community water suppliers prepare a report on the results of water quality tests of their water system in the previous year. The 2016 water quality reports summarize testing results for Jan 1 to December 31. The reports describe where the drinking water comes from and what’s in it. Groundwater, from wells, is […]

Citizen Volunteer monitoring lake quality.

2016 Citizen Water Monitoring Reports Ready

With the many lakes, streams and creeks found throughout Anoka County – how can we tell if our water resources remain clean? It’ll take a lot to monitor and track trends in the quality of our water resources. Volunteers make the difference by collecting and sharing water quality information. And that data is shared through the Citizen Water […]

Water Droplet

Citizens Monitoring Anoka County Waters (Thank You)

Anoka County communities owe citizen volunteers our gratitude for monitoring and reporting water quality data. Resident volunteers collect periodic water clarity information for the Minnesota’s Citizen Stream Monitoring and Citizen Lake Monitoring Programs. The data collected by citizens is entered and maintained in a Lake and Stream Database  used by residents, lake associations, schools, community organizations, watershed management organizations, […]

For the sake of our lakes, keep your pavement on a low-salt diet

As the snow falls and temperatures drop to freeze roads, driveways, parking lots and sidewalks – most of us will rely on SALT to clear roads and sidewalks. It is estimated that we use more than 350,000 tons of salt on the metro area roads, parking lots and sidewalks annually. Road salt, containing chloride, enters […]

The Watershed Approach (Video Series)

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has developed a four-part series on the “Watershed Approach” a relatively new process for gauging the health of Minnesota’s waters and taking action to protect or restore them. The series includes: Part 1 – What is a watershed? Part 2 – How we got where we are Part 3 – […]

City of Coon Rapids

Coon Rapids fighting pollution with rain gardens

In the City of Coon Rapids, 18 curb-cut rain gardens will be installed this fall. The rain gardens will be evenly distributed between two neighborhoods that contribute runoff (water drainage from roofs, driveways, roads, sidewalks, etc) into Woodcrest Creek and Sand Creek that flow into the Mississippi River. The neighborhoods were identified as the most […]

Protect Your Groundwater Day 2015

Protect Your Groundwater Day – Sept. 8, 2015

On Protect Your Groundwater Day (September 8, 2015) the National Ground Water Association urges you to take action to protect an important natural resource — groundwater. When it comes to hazardous household substances: For a healthy home – Hazardous substances must be stored and used properly. Dispose of household hazardous waste safely at the Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off […]

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