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Rice Creek Watershed District

Proving Stormwater Reuse a Possibility

Collecting and reusing stormwater for irrigation is gaining attention. By reducing stormwater pollution runoff directly into creeks, rivers and lakes – we are preserving our swimming, fishing and drinking water resources. Another benefit is to help reduce increased groundwater withdrawal, by wells, for irrigation of lawns, gardens and landscape. The Rice Creek Watershed District (RCWD) […]

MN Master Naturalist Program

Become a Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer

Discover the wonders of our natural resources and lead others by becoming a Minnesota Master Naturalist (MMN). Who can become a Minnesota Master Naturalist? Any adult who is curious and enjoys learning about the natural world, shares that knowledge with others, and supports conservation. If you enjoy hiking, bird watching, following tracks, or identifying wildflowers, you’ll love […]

Master Water Stewards

Waterspot on Master Water Stewards

The Master Water Stewards program is a volunteer education and outreach program designed to equip citizens with the knowledge and skills needed to help improve water quality within a community. Stewards are certified by participating in a broad training curriculum led by experts in the fields of hydrology, stormwater management, water policy, community-based social marketing, landscape assessment, and installation […]

DNR Project WET (logo)

Water Festival Learning for the Classroom & National Art Challenge

Attention elementary and environmental educators. The Metro Area Children’s Water Festival is offering a special WET (Water Education for Teachers) workshop to provide teachers with the hands-on program of getting students “immersed” in water knowledge (KARE11 report). This indoor/outdoor workshop is designed for teachers, naturalists and other educators interested in the CWF curriculum and activities. Participants […]

Metro Area Children's Water Festival

4th grade teachers! – register for the metro area childen’s water fest

Each year over 1,200 fourth-grade students have attended the annual Metro Area Children’s Water Festival since 1998. That’s over 21,000 students that participated in this unique education program. It may seem like a drop in the 4th-grade lake – but that drop creates ripples around the twin-cities and changes in tomorrow’s citizen’s about our local water resources. CWF is […]

Master Water Stewards

Water Master Stewards coming to Anoka County communities

The Rice Creek Watershed District and Mississippi Watershed Management Organization are seeking volunteers committed to water resource protection and driven to make a difference by becoming a Master Water Steward. By combining your talents and energy with your local watershed organization – you can protect and enhance the lake, creek, river, wetland and groundwater resources that offer […]

Conserve Anoka County Water Resources

July is Smart Irrigation Month

Water used to maintain golf courses, parks, commercial properties, and residential yards is becoming a critical issue nationwide – even in the land of 10,000 lakes.  By and large, operators of in-ground irrigation systems tend to overwater their lawns, which can be costly, wasteful, and unsustainable for local water resources. By selecting and planting carefully, watering wisely, […]

Sprinkler Head

Watering restrictions + creating sustainable turf and water supply

During the summer months water use increases for lawn sprinkling. Homeowner water use in July can be six (6) times greater than January. Sudden increased water demand (especially during a dry summer) can exceed a public water system’s capacity causing the water tower to go dry. Odd-even watering bans keep residents from draining the water […]

Metro Area Children's Water Festival

Class registration is open for the 2015 Metro Children’s Water Festival

Attention 4th grade teachers in the twin-cities metropolitan area! Registration is open for the drawing of classes to attend the 2015 Metro Area Children’s Water Festival that will take place on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The Festival will accept 44 classes (over 1,200 students) at this event. The purpose of the festival is […]

Water Droplet

Local professionals discuss water conservation and pollution prevention at LQG hazardous waste training

Representatives from businesses that produce large quantities of hazardous waste attended the December 9, 2014 Hazardous Waste workshop held by Anoka County Environmental Services.  The attendees recieved information, not only on managing hazardous waste, but on protection of their community’s local water resources and drinking water supply. Mick Jost, Program Coordinator, MM Technical Assistance Program (email, 612-624-4694) Know […]

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