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Comments sought on Rum River development variance in St. Francis

The DNR is seeking public comments on the City of St. Francis variance to wild and scenic rules applied to Rum River, chapter 6105 . Within a nearly 500-acre area of land along the Rum River on the City’s north side, the City of St. Francis is proposing to: Reduce the minimum riparian lot area from the […]

Well water wise week 3W | May 6-10, 2019

The Anoka County Community Health and Environmental Services (CHES) Department, in cooperation with 15 municipalities and county agencies, is sponsoring the 20th annual Well Water Wise (3W) week promotion May 6-10, 2019 to encourage residents to check the safety of their private well water. For information on private well testing go to the Anoka County Environmental Services Well […]

Attention lake residents

Fish kill events may provide clues about greater ecosystem-level issues such as fish affected by Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus (VHSv), water quality degradation, or invasive species.  If you spot a fish kill this spring, please report it to the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center using the link below. Fish kills are fairly common – especially following […]

Protect your private well from flood contamination

With the risk of floods increasing in many parts of the state, Minnesota health officials urge private well users to prepare for the possibility that their wells might flood. Taking preventive action now may save well users more trouble down the road.  Wells contaminated with floodwater pose a health risk, but the impact floodwaters have […]

Be prepared for a flood

UPDATE 3/15/2019: Record-setting spring flooding is possible across much of Minnesota. But state, local and federal officials are preparing now, cities are bracing for impact, residents should consider buying flood insurance, and everyone should have their fingers crossed for a slow snow melt. Those were the takeaways from Friday afternoon’s flood briefing hosted by HSEM. National […]

Get a rain barrel & compost bin to recycle rainwater and reduce waste

Have you noticed a river of rainwater running down your driveway into the gutter, ditch, or storm sewer? Collecting rain-soft water is a good way to conserve and reuse high quality water. Rain barrels have been around for thousands of years. They also protect our local water while saving money on water bills and having a ready source of […]

State fish art contest is open to K-12 contestants

The STATE-FISH ART Contest is open worldwide to all children in grades K -12 in any public, private or home-school, any youth group, after-school program, youth camp, scout troop, art class, etc., or just an individual kid that wants to enter! Essentially any child of K-12 age is eligible as long as a responsible adult […]

Register for the 2019 Metro Area Children’s Water Festival

ATTENTION 4TH GRADE TEACHERS. Registration is open to attend the 2019 Metro Area Children’s Water Festival that will take place on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The Festival will include over 1,400 metropolitan area students (plus home-school students) to learn a most important lesson: WATER CONNECTS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ON EARTH. The purpose of the festival is to […]

Poster contest open to all ages

Learn, engage and advocate! Design a 9×12 poster about how or why all Minnesotans should conserve and protect our sources of drinking water.  What happens upstream affects the waters downstream in Minnesota and beyond. It’s up to all of us to keep it clean and safe, now and in the future. For award details and […]

Fridley’s drinking water protection plan revised and ready

The Fridley City Council held a Public Information Meeting (Monday, January 28, 2019) where the updated Part 2 of the Fridley Wellhead Protection Plan was presented for public review and discussion. The City of Fridley is amending and updating its ten-year Wellhead Protection Plan to protect city drinking water supply wells. The City has completed […]

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